Dear Vogue,


*picture from the post: LFW streetstyle II by Collage Vintage

Dear Vogue,

As a fellow reader and admirer of your work I think you (or some of your contributors) made a huge mistake. The world is one big crazy place and it is changing constantly. The fact that now influencers/bloggers/instagrammers are occupying the front rows of some of the most covetable go-to fashion shows is just a small indicator of that. It’s true that the influencer world needs a little bit more regulation but this time you guys went too far. It’s hypocrital to have an influencer as a cover of your magazine and then rant about her (when she’s the one used for sales).

And for you (my reader) who is probably asking what am I talking about, you should read what those three editors said about influencers here.

I may not like the way they (influencers) display some of the fashion or the fact that make everyone think that liking fashion is just a matter of loving how to dress/style. When it’s absolutely not. Influencers are egobloggers, which means that they talk about them and sell thanks to their public image. They work as hard as every worker out there (and sometimes it can be a very stresful and self-depressing job, hence the case of Essena O’neill deleting all of her social media). But they do it anyways and they have built a life around that concept. And how insane it feels to think that 10 years ago this job didn’t even exist.

But even though right now those Vogue editors might not be having the greatest time, the editors from other magazines have AN AMAZING OPPORTUNITY of showing/sharing how they love* social media queens (and kings obvs.).

*Actually as I say that, I see on Aimee Song’s snapchat a video of her having dinner with some editors from other magazines saying something like: “EDITORS WHO LIKE BLOGGERS”.

UPDATE: She posted a front-row snapchat sitting next to Eva Chan, Lucky’s magazine former Editor.

So, as far as I’m concerned, being in the editorial business is about taking the opportunities the fashion world (and the rapidly-changing environment it develops in) presents while balancing out the fact of maintaining a reputation.

See some of the best responses (from the so-called influencerson this article.

And a thought by one of my favorite bloggers;

I grew up in a small town and came from nothing – I’d call that pretty impressive and admirable. I take pride in giving hope to young women around the world that they too can build something from nothing. I think I speak for “us” all when I say the bottom line here is that if you weren’t threatened you wouldn’t care at all. -Shea Marie on her instagram (@peaceloveshea)

What do you think about this whole issue?

I say live and let others live,


Love, Janira x

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