Schadenfreude KILLS

I’ll never get  / Nunca entenderé

why people / por qué la gente

choke from envy / se ahoga de envidia

when getting inspired / cuando inspirarse

is a hundred times prettier. / es cien veces más bonito.

I’ll never understand / Nunca entenderé

why we go against each other / por qué vamos unxs en contra de otrxs

instead of analyzing our own actions / en vez de analizar nuestras propias acciones

and apologizing / y disculparnos

when it’s time. / cuando toca.

eye for an eye / ojo por ojo

we all get blind, / nos quedamos todxs ciegos

eye for an eye / ojo por ojo

we only feed our demons / tan sólo alimentamos a nuestros demonios

and it’s angels, / y son los ángeles

and light, / y la luz,

what decides to leave, / los que deciden partir,

whilst we burn in hell. / mientras nos quemamos en el infierno.

Schadenfreude is the German concept which defines the experience of pleasure or satisfaction when witnessing the problems of another. Schadenfreude seems quite linkable (to me) with envy and this Rupi Kaurs poem: / El concepto alemán Schandenfreude define la experiencia de placer o satisfacción al ser testimonio de los problemas del otro. En mi opinión, Schandenfreude muchas veces va de la mano de la envidia y este poema de Rupi Kaur hace un buen resumen de cómo me siento al respecto:

Captura de pantalla 2018-02-11 a las 18.54.34.png

I don’t know about you, but it breaks my heart when I see these toxic behaviors happen every day and not knowing how to make them stop. I guess we should act from love more often. Sometimes I believe love is underrated. But true, genuine love only manifests through respect, and I hope we all get there sometime. / No sé si alguien se siente identificada pero se me rompe el corazón cuando veo estos comportamientos tóxicos reiterados en nuestro día a día. Supongo que deberíamos actuar desde el amor más a menudo. A veces creo (incluso) que el amor está infravalorado. Porque el verdadero amor es respeto, y espero que algún día lleguemos a él.

May we all keep thriving. / Y que sigamos prosperando.

Love, Janira x

What the fall of BELLA HADID says about us

_kor0945Source: vogue runway

First things first, let’s talk about fashion week. But not about the amazing shows going on which, by the way, have me absolutely mesmerized. (Have you seen Marchesa? omg and loving Victoria Beckham so much it almost hurts.)

Leaving aside the “couture” topic I would like to adress the behaviour component. It’s actually very interesting to sit and look what everyone is doing. In my former blog (janiraschoice) I wrote a post talking about how people lie about their knowdelege in the fashion industry and brands, relating my point to a video I just had watched (link here). Anyways, that kind of “I-know-it-all-im-fucking-fashion-victim-cant-you-see” attitude makes me puke. But even though that still goes on there’s something that has catched my attention more than anything this time. And that is Bella Hadid’s fall during New York Michael Kors runway show. Not her graceous stumble, but the way people reacted  to it.