hoy es siempre todavía

Dear readers,

All of us, as humans, we evolve. We change opinions, tastes and even our base. Change is the only constant they say… and they’re oh so right.  We get weird, we experience, we think (sometimes less than required) but we do it anyways. We read, travel, talk, smile, laugh, have fun, cry, tremble, and experience things that make us feel. Loved. Lonely. Happy. Thirsty. Not an emotion at all. All emotions at once. It doesn’t matter. We are here on earth for that. And I find it fascinating.

As one of the poems in the great Milk and Honey book says:

“nothing even matters, except love and human connection”

Back to 2013, when I started writing on Janira’s Choice, I was an early passionate blogger who talked about fashion and lifestyle. I was a girl who started reading blogs many years before I decided to start writing my own. Why? I wanted to share a vision (my vision).

Today, that hasn’t changed, but I’ve grown and since 2015 I felt like Janira’s Choice blog didn’t represent me as much as I’d like to.

So here I am. New blog. New concept. Same passionate freak.

I’ve been thinking and planing this for so long. Actually too long (it took me like forever), and I didn’t want to pospone it any more.

So without further do, I’ll let you discover the page and I’ll release more details soon.

Get excited.

Love, Janira x

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